BackAgent Overview

This website is powered by the BackAgent® system, a comprehensive intranet and workflow solution for brokers and agents. A Houston-based company has been working for the past ten years to combine and improve the many tools used by Real Estate agents on a daily basis to create this unique product, BackAgent. Have you wanted to see new tools work for you as opposed to against you? Let’s take a tour of the BackAgent system together; it has been created to help you.

Creating Value for Everyone
You hear it in the news and you may have begun to feel it at home, the economy is changing. Real Estate agents and brokers have been looking for ways to reduce their monthly costs while striving to maintain the same level of professional marketing and public presence their clients have grown to expect. Right off the bat, the combined monthly costs for online faxing, customized flyers, email marketing, lead tracking, and transaction management services can quickly overwhelm any agent. What if you found a system that can combine all of these features for little or no cost to you and make them work together, smoothly? Tell me more.

Be More Places at Once
If your first real estate transaction was last week or last decade, you know how frustrating it can seem to know which documents are required when for a given contract or how much time it can take to keep in routine contact with your clients. The BackAgent system has been setup to fully automate the delivery and receipt of your contract paperwork, home inspections, and other related files. Customers of agents using this system can access their transaction information on their own time and get automatic reports and emails at scheduled times.

Stay on the Right Track
Every agent works to make sure all the right precautions are taken to safely close every deal, but complaints from other brokers during and after the process are bound to happen. The BackAgent system acts as your assistant to prevent issues in advance while at the same time it helps to promote the best practices of your broker. The transactions you create are submitted to your broker online for instant review and approval, no office visit required. If you were asked to provide paperwork for a transaction that happened four years ago, what would happen? The requested information and more importantly your saving grace can be just a few clicks away.

Nimble and Reliable
Have you ever tried out a new online product just to end up cancelling the trial the same day because nothing made sense? The BackAgent system has been designed to be straight forward, intuitive, and adaptable to the needs of a brokerage. It just doesn’t make sense to have to put up with odd features or a confusing interface. New technologies should be quick, responsive, and seamlessly integrated. The BackAgent system has been built completely from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s real estate agent.

For more specific information on the features and benefits of using the BackAgent system, you are encouraged to visit our website. We are available to provide live demonstrations of this system in person or via the Internet on your schedule. We thank you for taking the time to learn about BackAgent –